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Getting your Hair Styled by a Wedding Hair Stylist

Craig M. •

Every girl wants her wedding to be an affair to remember. It takes months and months of planning to ensure that everything goes well on the big day. Perhaps you have spent ages looking for the right wedding dress, it’s important for you to look just as beautiful. Hiring the right wedding hair stylist in Sydney can help you do just that.

Whether you prefer to keep things simple or elegant or are a fan of big and beautiful hair, the right wedding hair stylist could actually bring a whole lot of beauty to your wedding day attire.

wedding hair stylist

When working with a wedding hair stylist, make sure you keep the following things in mind:

Be prepared to have a detailed talk

There are many hair stylists across Sydney who could help you look your very best. Most of them are willing to provide a free consultation as well. When you select a hair stylist you have got to make sure that you tell them what kind of look you are after. They don’t know you personally so it’s not easy for them to decide what actually works for you.

Anything which comes to your mind should be talked about. From a detailed talk about the kind of dress you are wearing to showing them a few pictures of the kind of hairstyle you would like on your big day.

On your first appointment with your stylist:

  • Wear a white t-shirt. Wearing white would help them get a correct idea regarding the color of your hair and your skin tone.
  • If you want to have your hair dyed a certain hue make sure you do it before you visit the stylist, it would help them decide on a hairstyle earlier on. Plus if you don’t like the hair color you could always revert back to your old one, considering you have enough time.
  • Always mention whether you would be wearing a headpiece or keeping your locks open. This would help you both mutually decide on a style which brings out the best in your facial features.
  • Once your stylist starts working with your hair make sure you click photographs from all angles. Doing so would definitely help you get a fairly good idea of how it would look on your special day.

Be open to advice

Although you might have a certain style or idea in mind, you should listen to your hair stylist as well. They have been helping brides look great for ages, their experience counts a great deal as well. If they insist that a certain style might not be flattering for you, learn to pay heed. In fact a detailed talk would help the two of you come up on a mutual hairstyle which you both think would look good on you.

If you are looking for the best wedding hair stylists in Sydney make sure you get a consultation with Hair on the Move 2 U. They’re professionals are highly skilled and can make you look like a dream on your big day!