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How To Wear Yoga Pants Without Feeling Self Conscious

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If ever there was an attire that got a bad rap, it is yoga clothes. For some reason, being seen in a pair of yoga leggings and top, or yoga pants under a long sweater has been looked down on a lot lately which makes absolutely no sense especially to people who have made yoga activewear their everyday wardrobe.

Some of the misconceptions people associate with yoga clothing are that you are a hippie since yogis or anyone who prefers activewear over regular clothes are generally looked at as people who eat kale and burn incense all day long. Another misconception is that you are a college student, a gym obsessed person or the worst, an air head who has no idea what is going on in the world. Well, I wonder if they would have the same thinking if they knew just how perfect yoga clothes are and not just for exercising either. If you are wondering what I am on about, keep reading.

Now, unlike a pair of jeans or a pant suit, yoga clothes in general and pants in particular can be worn anywhere and on any occasion. It is no wonder big corporations and designers are making a killing with their own brands of athleisure. Throwing on a jacket or long shirt over your yoga pants gives you an instant makeover which means you can go from your morning bikram yoga class and straight on to brunch. If paired with a long sweater and some stilettos, you have a great evening look or a pair of boots for that classic winter look.

However, just because yoga pants are the easy choice, there are still basic rules that you should stick to as far as yoga clothes are concerned. Here are some of the dos and donts when it comes to activewear.


Get the right fit. A lot of people tend to get a size smaller since yoga pants tend to stretch out after a few washes. So, in trying to get a longer shelf life out of your purchase, a lot of women end up with extremely tight leggings and a 'camel toe' which draws attention to them for all the wrong reasons.

Test out your yoga tops in daylight and very bright light to make sure you don't end up with the opaquest womens top you can get, click here to see a range of womens yoga tops and be confident with your purchase so you can focus on your routine.

Accessorise your pants if you are going to be wearing them anywhere other than the gym or to the park for a run. A statement handbag and a pair of sunglasses are all you need to get your pants from the gym and give it an out in town vibe.


It goes without saying that yoga pants should never be worn at work. Ever. They would make you look unprofessional especially if you do not have the right fit.

If going commando is not something you can live with, then thongs and other similar underwear make for great full coverage but virtually undetectable underwear.

In conclusion, it can be easy to find yoga outfits in Australia and they make for a great choice of wardrobe for anyone if not everyone but be sure you stick to the simple yoga clothing guidelines listed above, and you should have an easy wardrobe choice without compromising yourself.

Strategies For Getting Home Loans

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It’s quite stressful applying for home loans especially when you have being rejected before, you need to have a clear understanding of the process or you’ll end up getting rejected again. Here are a few tips that will help you in securing your mortgage in no time.

Set your limit

You need to know what your budget is, what you can afford, and your loan repayments. Ensure your budget is accurate then add about 5% to the figure as a safeguard so you don’t get caught unawares by situations beyond your control. Get a mortgage calculator so you have an idea of the range of properties you can afford.

Create Stability

Most lenders like to know to see your work history, living situations, rental history, savings etc. They go through this to see that your life and work is quite stable before they consider offering you a loan. If at any point in time you feel like changing jobs, make sure it’s within the same industry or better still do not change jobs until your loan has been approved.

Know your credit status

With the points stated above, your credit history will go a long way to determine if you’ll get your loan approved or not. Try to know your credit status, clear outstanding debts. Your credit score is what lenders will use to decide whether you are qualified for a loan or not.

Make a budget

Ensure you follow this budget strictly for about 6 to 8 months before you apply for your mortgage. When lenders see your savings history and a nice deposit, your chances of getting a mortgage increases considerably. If you have been rejected before, it means your previous budget was probably not realistic or you may have bad credit which can make securing a home loan a lot more difficult, follow this link to learn more about bad credit home loans.

Live within your means

Having numerous credit cards will not work in your favor if you want to get a home loan. Here’s a fun fact to keep in mind; for every $100 credit limit you accrue, your borrowing capacity reduces by $500. If possible avoid having credit cards, personal loans and debt generally before you apply for your home loan. This will increase your approval rating considerably.

Put your account in order

Before you apply for a home loan, make sure your bank account looks good, that means no late payments, your account isn’t overdrawn etc. Typically, most lenders will request to see a bank account statement of about 6 months. For entrepreneurs, business owners or the self-employed, you will need to ensure you take the necessary steps to obtain your low doc loan, click here for more information about low doc home loans

Hire the services of a mortgage broker

A mortgage broker reduces the stress of getting a home loan for you by helping you navigate the process seamlessly. You are exposed to a variety of lenders and they’ll help you select the best option that will favor you. Their primary aim is for your loan to get approved, so they’ll make sure everything is in order before you apply, that way you’re assured to get the best deal available.

If you’ve been rejected for a home loan, you might not be keen reapplying, but if you follow the above tips, you chances of getting your loan approved are higher.

Top Things You Ought To Know About Photo Booths and Photo Booth Hire

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When organising a major event, photo booths are one of the top priorities because it aims to capture the fun moments of guests and attendees. You might come across several photo booth hire rentals out there. But the thing is, you need to be extra cautious while doing so in order for you to maximise the fun experience of your guests in the best possible manner.

Your guests would love to be snapped in their interesting poses which could lighten up and bring the good vibes of your event. 

  • The overall pricing is one of the major factors you should take into account. However, in addition to the cost of your photo booth, there are also some major pointers you need to consider to ensure the success of your event.

  • During your photo booth hire, it is a must to check out the booth by yourself. Inspect the overall looks before saying yes to their proposal. Take note of important factors such as how the booth will be constructed, how well it will look at your event, will it attract your guests, etc. These factors will play an essential role in helping you choose which photo booth you’re going to hire.

  • The last thing you would want for your event is that your chosen photo booth will look odd. To avoid this, take note of the overall size of your booth. Is the space needed are all properly set up? Additionally, you may ask your photo booth hire to give you a sample picture of your photo booth design so that you’ll know what to expect before your event.

  • Understand your photo props. You must be particular in what type of photo booth you will be using for your event. There are photo booths that offer different types of attractive backdrops and costumes as well as the interesting use of high-end technology. Tell them your desired theme that will appeal to your guests.

  • Consider the needs of your guests. Your guests are the most important assets of your event. Therefore, it might hurt if you consider their needs and choices before deciding on with a photo booth hire.  You may ask for their personal preferences or how they might like their pictures done to create the best event possible. Ask for their personal taste and check out if the photo booth you’ll hire offers specialized service that will suit your guests’ taste.

  • Check the equipment they will use. One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a photo booth is the equipment they will use for your event. Ask for their specific photography tools and equipment. This is important because it will affect the overall quality of your pictures. Is the photo booth you’re going to hire uses the latest technology trends and equipment to deliver the best photography session to your guests?

With the above things in mind, you won’t have to worry when planning to hire a photo booth for whatever your occasion, visit this website for booking and information if you are from Melbourne. Do you have other tips to share? We would love to hear it from you. 

Types of fitness professionals for various needs

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Exercise is a huge commitment involving lots of hard work in the pursuit of desired goals. The benefits, however, far outweigh the discomfort and as such a lot of people have decided that it’s worth a shot. It has, however, come to our attention that not all exercise routines have the same effects. A good idea would be to acquire the services of a professional to help us navigate the field of exercise. This where trainers come in. There are various types of trainers to suit varying needs and these include:

1.    Personal trainers.

For those of us who feel that we need to constantly monitor our progress this is one of the better options. Apart from this function personal trainers will also offer a multitude of other services all aimed at helping us achieve our personal fitness goals. These may include:

•    Helping us set fitness goals.

•    Educating us on various exercise routines and how to do them.

•    Checking up on milestone completion.

•    Providing feedback.

•    Motivating us during the workout.

•    Monitoring our physical conditions.

While these may seem like a lot of benefits for some of us they may simply not cut it. Luckily there are many personal trainers who offer services such as those I'm about to discuss which may offer a greater workout or provide more convenience to your life, be sure to come back and visit this site if you like the sound of the rest of the article.

a.    In-home personal trainers.

For general personal trainers you will have to seek them out at their place of work. As for in-home personal trainers, you get to have the trainer come to your house. This is especially handy for very private people and people who have in-house gyms but have no idea on how to use them. You get the same level of service as you would a general personal trainer and all from the comfort of your home. This type of trainer will, however, likely be more expensive than if you were to go to the gym. While the space at home may be constricting they will find creative ways of using the available materials and space.

b.    Mobile personal trainer.

Some of us are all about convenience. Having to go the gym for a workout session with your trainer may seem like a hassle. It may also not be ideal given our jobs and family commitments. For a better transition between your workout and other previous engagements, it might be better to consider having a mobile personal trainer who will train you in an environment you are comfortable in or that's convenient for you, if this sounds like the type of trainer for you then be sure to visit here. They may meet you up at the park, in your home or even at work affording you flexibility not available with any other options. 

2.    Fitness trainers.

A term used to describe a more generalized type of trainer. You will likely find them in a gym teaching a fitness class. For most of these classes there will be more than one trainee attending. These trainers are ideal for people working on a smaller budget as they might not be all that expensive. This will, however, lead to some drawbacks in comparison to other trainer options. Examples include:

•    You won’t get as much individual attention as you would prefer.

•    Their classes are set at specific times in which you will have to make time for.

•    There is a significantly higher chance of injury than there is with one on one training.

Getting your Hair Styled by a Wedding Hair Stylist

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Every girl wants her wedding to be an affair to remember. It takes months and months of planning to ensure that everything goes well on the big day. Perhaps you have spent ages looking for the right wedding dress, it’s important for you to look just as beautiful. Hiring the right wedding hair stylist in Sydney can help you do just that.

Whether you prefer to keep things simple or elegant or are a fan of big and beautiful hair, the right wedding hair stylist could actually bring a whole lot of beauty to your wedding day attire.

wedding hair stylist

When working with a wedding hair stylist, make sure you keep the following things in mind:

Be prepared to have a detailed talk

There are many hair stylists across Sydney who could help you look your very best. Most of them are willing to provide a free consultation as well. When you select a hair stylist you have got to make sure that you tell them what kind of look you are after. They don’t know you personally so it’s not easy for them to decide what actually works for you.

Anything which comes to your mind should be talked about. From a detailed talk about the kind of dress you are wearing to showing them a few pictures of the kind of hairstyle you would like on your big day.

On your first appointment with your stylist:

  • Wear a white t-shirt. Wearing white would help them get a correct idea regarding the color of your hair and your skin tone.
  • If you want to have your hair dyed a certain hue make sure you do it before you visit the stylist, it would help them decide on a hairstyle earlier on. Plus if you don’t like the hair color you could always revert back to your old one, considering you have enough time.
  • Always mention whether you would be wearing a headpiece or keeping your locks open. This would help you both mutually decide on a style which brings out the best in your facial features.
  • Once your stylist starts working with your hair make sure you click photographs from all angles. Doing so would definitely help you get a fairly good idea of how it would look on your special day.

Be open to advice

Although you might have a certain style or idea in mind, you should listen to your hair stylist as well. They have been helping brides look great for ages, their experience counts a great deal as well. If they insist that a certain style might not be flattering for you, learn to pay heed. In fact a detailed talk would help the two of you come up on a mutual hairstyle which you both think would look good on you.

If you are looking for the best wedding hair stylists in Sydney make sure you get a consultation with Hair on the Move 2 U. They’re professionals are highly skilled and can make you look like a dream on your big day!

Why You Need a 24-Hour Locksmith

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Local locksmiths in melbourne

Never is there a great time to be locked out of the car or home. A person might hesitate to call in a locksmith upon realizing such a scenario owing to cost considerations. However there are affordable locksmith services which offer 24-hour locksmith support at reasonable rates.

An average individual does not pay much attention to the important role which these professionals play in keeping affairs running everyday. They install access control systems to businesses and also conduct maintenance of security locks among other operations. One gets to know their critical nature if in need of unlocking doors, having a key duplicated or lock repaired. Different scenarios could arise and necessitate contracting a locksmith who works all around the clock.

  • Keys Locked in the Car

Locking oneself out of the car can prove to be very dangerous especially once it gets dark and this incident happens at an isolated area. Majority of locksmiths who are trustworthy are keen to offer recover with speed to keep their clients from remaining outside for too long. A company offering locksmith services proves to be genuine if it is open and firm about what it charges on phone. It is advisable avoiding dealings with a service provider that does not appear committed to providing support at fair cost.

  • Locked out of House

Stepping out of the mall or letting out the dog and leaving the keys locked in the house is a mistake which many individuals repeat time and again. This could happen at any time of night or day. Having the contact of a locksmith would prove helpful in such situations as would having the contact details of the local locksmith in Hawthorn or an area near you, especially one that works 24 hours around the clock. It is however critical to ascertain the credibility of the professionals one consults with if such a thing happens. This protects one from having to deal with damaged locks during provision of services.

  • Broken Keys

Certain times come when a key may show signs of bending or weakness when performing its tasks. Conditions like these could lead to breakage of keys if one attempts unlocking a door or starting the engine of the car. This kind of situation requires consulting with a qualified locksmith to carry out its extraction while taking care not to damage the vehicle. You can expect for the professional to reproduce a new key afterwards if the original one ends up broken.

  • Damage to Lock

You could close up business only to discover that the lock is either broken or damaged. Leaving the assets and business open would make it vulnerable to acts of burglary and vandalism. Moments like these require the expertise of an experienced commercial locksmith company who can come in and perform repair of damaged locks thus ensuring your property remains secure.

It is a prudent undertaking to have available the emergency numbers of certified locksmiths on the phone. This makes sure that you are able to access recovery immediately upon experiencing such need. One may fall in need of locksmith services at an unexpected time and require swift assistance in which case consulting a qualified professional would be essential, for more information on locksmiths in Greensborough, click here.

Take time to carry out verification of any locksmith you come across before utilising their services. Observing precaution is an important act which protects you from the possibility of dealing with fraudsters. Working with 24-hour locksmiths delivers the most strategic advantage in such case. Locks are important for securing cabinets, rooms, storage facilities and even buildings. Good locksmiths are competent to offer support in unlocking even complicated ones fitted with alarms if they break down.

Women’s Compression Tights – Fashion and Fitness go Hand in Hand

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A female jogging in compression tightsAre you the sort who wants to look great all the time? Whether you are going to office or simply hitting the gym there are a few women who want to look their best. Following are some ideas which can help you look like a diva at the gym.

When fitness combines with fashion the result is smoking hot. Read on ladies to find how you can make your compression tights look ultra sexy.

Pair Those Compression Pants with a Colorful Tee

Compression pants are actually designed to give you extra comfort and help relax your muscles when exercising. However who says you can’t actually wear your compression tights and look great too. Wearing fitness gear with bright colorful tees can actually make you look stunning. You can find stylish compression pants here that will look great with most sporting attire.

Colorful Compression Tights for women

Gone are the days when women had to choose from black, white or grays. No longer are neutrals the only option for compression gear. There are many companies which have realized the importance of colorful compression clothing. They have come up with colorful compression tights which look like leggings and can be paired off with stylish workout t shirts to give you that extra oomph.

Colorful compression tights need not be limited to the gym only. You could wear them on a night out with friends. Just make sure that you pair them off with solid single colors so you don’t end up looking a tad too tutti-frutti.

These can look really classy when paired with an all black slinky top and some gold hoop earrings. Remember not to go too over the top or you might end up looking whacky instead of sophisticated. The key is to tone down the colors with a sophisticated top. So get out those high heels and get ready to party with your colorful compression tights.

Gym Clothes that Turn Heads

gykmq8-lJust because you are going to the gym doesn’t mean that you have to look boring. In fact many women prefer wearing compression gear which doesn’t only fit great but looks great as well. Brands like Nike come up with colorful compression tights for women time and again. The basic idea is to provide fitness clothing which has the maximum comfort and also gives an edge to the wearer.

When women want fashionable compression clothing they are aiming not only to feel good but look good as well.

However make sure you keep the following things in mind when buying compression tights

  • Never scrimp on the money. Buying a pair which is cheap might not last you for more than a month.
  • Always buy compression clothing made out of breathable fabric. It helps reduce the smell and most of all allows your skin to breath throughout your work outs.
  • Compression clothing is meant to be snug. However if you feel that your tights aren’t comfortable and make it difficult for you to exercise you might do better with a pair which is slightly loose.

For buying the best compression tights for females, make sure check out this leading website in Australia.

Good Accounting Practices to Develop

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Do you need an accountant?

As a small business owner, you are slowly figuring out a routine that will work for you. You may be the only employee or have someone to help you around. Either way there are a few things that will help you manage better without yielding too much control over your business.

Accounting is one of the major areas of business that you always want to keep in check. We are all in business in order to make money. You wake up every morning to make an extra coin. As you do this, you’ll also want to ensure that nothing goes to waste. There’s a lot that you can do to ensure this.

Keep a file of receipts

  • You’ll come across many receipts when you start running your business. You can be issued a receipt from your purchases of stationery, raw materials, and services from others. You’ll also issue receipts to your customers for products sold and services rendered. Try and keep your receipts in a file specific to certain transactions or certain customers.

Record everything

  • As a small business owner, make it a habit to record everything that you do. When you buy something, record it in a ledger book. It does not have to be elaborate. Examples of ledger entries would be:
    • 1/6/15 Bought a stapler at $2 from B. Supplies.
    • 2/6/15 Sold Smith two books at $5 each. He paid cash for one.
    • 3/6/15 Sold 25 books at a discount price of $4.5 to Blueberry Preparatory.
  • These are simple recordings that you’ll be able to use to make journal entries later. Your bookkeeper will also have an easy time using these.

Check the accounts receivables

  • Make it a regular practice to review your accounts receivables. These are the customers that you have sold items to on credit. Ensure that you review their records and monitor how well they are paying. This can be done on a weekly basis. By the end of the month, you will know who you should be concerned about. You can then make the necessary follow-up.

Check on your payables

  • You will also need to monitor your account payables. These are the funds that you owe to others in the course of running your business. It is important to keep track of this because you always want to keep in the good books of those who are willing to extend you credit. Always pay as soon as you have money available.

Tax depreciation

  • Always be aware of what you depreciation you can list as an expense for the purpose of tax depreciation. Depending on your location, the law will describe the items that are allowed to be tax depreciated. This mean that you can list the depreciation as part of your expenses and thus have lower tax deductible income. You’ll want to reduce your tax payments as much as possible.

Review you monthly profits

  • This is something that you should regularly do . As a business owner, deliberately set time aside to study you income statement for the month. Look through your sales, your expenses, your profits and losses. You’ll be able to spot when sales increase or decrease, how much your expenses are growing, your tax payments and whether your profit is increasing.

Always remember that you are in business to make money. Accounting practices will help you manage our money better so that you return a profit. If at the end of all of this, you are still having trouble make sure you consider hiring a professional. Contact an accounting firm can put you in touch with specialist accountants. Camberwell company accountants specialise in tax, xero, and franchise accounting.

High pressure cleaners: a buyer’s guide

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Karcher Pressure Washer Service

High pressure cleaners remain the best in the market. It is used by thousands of people all over the world. No wonder it has received a wide range of customer feedbacks from previous users. The reviews and comments are scattered all over the internet.

It gives a perfect response to stubborn and heavy dirt. High pressure cleaners are the ideal for machines, large surface areas, buildings and vehicles. If you are ever after more info Karcher Australia provides excellent customer services and have a wealth of knowledge on high pressure cleaners.

I am going to direct you how to get a better high pressure cleaner. You will get a complete value for your money. The high pressure cleaners from Karchers are sold at best price. They are available in different sizes, colours and prices.

Uses of High pressure cleaners?

It can be used for cleaning of:

  • Bikes
  • Cars
  • Patios
  • Guttering
  • Fences
  • Decking
  • Smelly wheelie bins, and
  • Garden furniture

Users are advised to use it sensibly and sparingly. If water is combined with pressure, it will quickly dislodge the dirt. When you are washing cars, try to add detergent. So, having a detergent bottle or tanks can be of help.

Impressive High Pressure KarcherThings to consider

Karcher high pressure is the key; it has a high pressure and it is more powerful than other machines in the market. No matter your specifications, you will get a machine that will handle the issue- it gives better performance. Getting your Karcher pressure water cleaner service here will give you the piece of mind knowing that it is simple, easy to use, and highly convenient. It remains a better option any day any time.

When you are buying a machine, you should consider its wheels and weight. For practical purposes, high pressure cleaner is suitable for larger gardens. It is essential for you to use the correct attachment for any work you are doing.

Karcher high pressure cleaner is capable of performing various tasks, because it has the relevant attachments. So, try as much as possible to invest in a machine that will give you all the required services.

If you browse through the internet, you will see a wide range of high pressure cleaners. It is important to choose the one that will suit your needs.

These high pressure cleaners are extremely useful. They are splash-free, and aim at keeping your clothes or gardens clean. It pushes the dirt away quickly.

The prices of the products are displayed beside each of them. Each of the cleaners has dirt blaster, patio cleaner, detergent suction tube or built-in detergent tank, pencil jet nozzle, pressure washer hose; water-cool induction motor, detergent bottle and a variety of nozzles.

The goods can as well be bought at Amazon.com. Most people prefer either from the official site or from Amazon, because these are places they will get the best pricing.

Karcher high pressure cleaner is designed for storage and convenient transportation. It covers a large space within a short time. This product is equipped with an eco switch, thereby helping users to reduce water and energy consumption by 20%.

Read customers feedbacks

Feel free to read the customer reviews left by previous users. After making your purchase, we would like to know how your experience was and how good the product was. Therefore, we would appreciate you leave a feedback on our site. Thanks once again for coming to our site, and we wish you a nice shopping experience!

Installing a Trailer Hitch for Air Compressors

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If you want to take good care of your vehicle or machinery on-site it is imperative that you make sure you have properly working air compressors and diesel generators. In order for you to make sure that your air compressors and diesel generators are everything you need them to be you should periodically have been checked by a professional. It is important that when you work with a professional you make sure they are reputable. One of the best ways for you to find someone to work on your machinery or your vehicle is to look for somebody who has worked with others you know. Word-of-mouth marketing still continues to be one of the best forms of marketing today.

  • When you have air compressors or diesel generators on site is important that you make sure they’re always functioning to their fullest capacity. One of the best ways that you can do that is to make sure that you have them checked every so often. One of the ways that you can have your compressors and generators checked is to visit a professional while you are getting other work done on your machinery such as a checkup or installation. Many people like to install fun equipment or build upon their existing base by installing things like a trailer hitch where they can hold their air compressors or their diesel generators. This is perfectly acceptable but it is imperative that you check the guidelines for your trailer and trailer hitch installation to make sure that you can safely carry the air compressor and or the diesel generator on your vehicle.

Installing the Trailer Hitch

Installing a trailer hitch after you finally decide on one can be a difficult and confusing process if you don’t understand what you’re doing, here are some great products that you might like to check out. The truth of the matter is that many people can install the hitch on their own without having to hire a professional, but it takes a little bit of knowledge.

The first thing that professionals agree on is loosely securing all of the parts before you start any of the actual installing takes place. Loosening the bumper of the truck, the exhaust system and all of the parts of the trailer parts helps greatly. Only after you have lifted the truck to a reasonable level and can provide yourself enough clearance.

Next, you’ll have to drill into the truck’s frame appropriately. There can sometimes be holes already inside of the frame, but in most cases you’ll have to drill new ones. They should never be more than 1/16th of an inch larger than the bolts that you are going to be using and make sure that you don’t drill through any important parts of your truck’s undercarriage.

After that, the installation of the electrical wiring can be problematic. You should have gotten an installation guide along with your parts when you purchased it, which can guide you easily through the process. This is intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it is probably easier than you think.

All that remains is tightening up everything as it is already assembled, albeit loosely. The one thing that you shouldn’t do is try to modify the hitch in any way. Drilling extra holes or changing anything will weaken the welds and weakening the metal, nothing productive.

Installing a hitch properly makes sure that it is safe, secure, and doesn’t pose any problems to you while you are carrying all of your equipment.


How To Choose and Buy Low Horsepower Motors

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There are numerous types of motors out there in the world nowadays, and each is used for specific reasons. Here we will be talking about gear motors and why you need to be using one.

What Are They?

Gear motors are a combination of an electric motor and a reduction gear train. Its goal is to work on low horsepower while providing a high torque. Like most others, gear motors can run as either an AC or DC motor, alternating or direct current; the difference between the two being the power behind the torque.

Gear motors can be seen in the industrial workforce in things like:

  • Jacks
  • Low-speed lifts
  • Robotics

They are also used in a household’s daily life:

  • Washing machine handles
  • Electric can openers
  • Garage door openers
  • Electric alarm clocks

Where to buy Gear Motors

How Do They Work

For the most part, these types of motors are used for strong jobs that must be done at a slow speed. They slow the gears used throughout the motor, creating higher torque. This allows smaller motors to move large objects. This is done by attaching a gearbox to the motor in question and lowering the speed output. The example usually given is that of an electric clock. The motor used to power the clock will have between 1200 – 1500 revolutions per minute. When you add in the separate gearbox, the gears slow the revolutions to about 1 per minute, which is what we see when watching a minute hand tick by. The same goes for the hour hand; it is set differently depending on the speed of the motor used.

In the professional world, you will see these, as stated above, in slow moving lifts or cranes. The same principal applies but in a different way. The amount of gears needed is more substantial since the motors used in these objects tend to be stronger. When the gears are applied, they slow down the movement significantly. When this happens, the power the motor is producing builds up; this is known as torque. The amount of torque building up is determined by the strength and output of the motor. When the gears finally allow the object to move, the torque that has been sitting can do its job and lift whatever needs lifting. Had the motor been allowed to lift the object on its own, there would not have been enough torque to do so.

Why Should You Use It?

Due to the ability to create extra torque where there was none, almost any motor can be used for most heavy lift jobs. This is great because it’s economical; almost any motor, at any price, can be used for your projects. Motors can be purchased with gearboxes already attached in a ready to go package. This is an easier alternative to building one yourself, especially if you are in a time crunch.

How Do You Know What Kind To Use?

Choosing a gear motor is no different than picking out a normal motor, you must look at the specs first. You can check this website and determine what you need to get the job done.

  • How much torque is required to get the job done?
  • Is this being used indoors or outdoors?
  • How much power (voltage, amps, etc.) will be put into the motor?

Once you have answered all of the general questions, finding the right gear motor for you will be no problem at all.