Dr. William Huang MBBS, MM, PhD, FAChAM (RACP)
Specialist Addiction Physician – Canberra
Email: william@specialistaddictiontreatment.com.au

‘Simplicity, patience, compassion’ – Lao Tse

ACT Health
Staff Specialist in Addiction Medicine

Australian National University
Clinical Lecturer Academic Unit of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine

Dr. William Huang
MBBS, University of Sydney, 1988
Master of Medicine, University of Sydney, 1991
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Sydney, 1998
Fellow of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
Fellow of the Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine, Number 220
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NSW Institute of Psychiatry
Also trained in Motivational Interviewing, 12 Step facilitation, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness approaches.
Former Board Member, Consultant Physician, Foundation House, Rozelle

Special Interests
Veterans: Dr. Huang has a 3 star Commendation from the United Nations for medical service in East Timor and was an exchange instructor at Uniformed Service University of the Health Sciences at National Navy Medical Centre, Bethesda Md. USA.
Alcohol pharmacotherapy, Stimulant pharmacotherapy, Post Clinic opiate pharmacotherapy
Multidisciplinary approaches, working with GPs using Team Care arrangements and care plans, working with psychology and support groups.

Lectures – 2012
University of Sydney Medical School
1 May 2012 Theories of substance abuse
4 May 2012 Community agencies and mutual help groups

Fees for medico legal examinations, reports and expert witness evidence are as suggested by the AMA in conjunction with the NSW Law Society.
Standard AMA rates apply to non-Medicare rebatable consultations

Drug Testing
An important new area in which you might need the services of an addiction medicine physician now include:

  • the increasing use of drug testing in the workplace, at the roadside and for community services. These often include urine, saliva and hair testing. Many industries are now embracing workplace drug and alcohol testing. These tests may have serious consequences for your work and personal life, especially if misapplied.

As a physician, Dr Huang can provide consultations based on:

1.  Specialist physican knowledge of the major methods of drug testing, including immunoassays, thin layer chromatography and GC-MS, and the interpretation of quantitative results on urine testing, including drug:creatinine ratios and serial measures.

2. As a specialist addiction medicine physician, Dr Huang is aware of the usefulness and limitations of different methods for drug testing, including urine, hair, sweat, saliva and toenail.

3. Dr Huang can assist you with regards to the social context or occupational context of drug testing, including community services, family court, workplace and roadside testing.

4. Provide you with professional assistance to obtain a rational approach to the use of urine toxicology in management of substance dependence and chronic pain.  Especially the impact of urine tests on occupational or personal issues

5. Provide specialist awareness of common pitfalls and potential errors in the understanding of drug testing results, and their potential consequences.

6. For example Dr Huang has provided specialist physician reports in relation to criminal law matters, traffic, child custody issues, civil aviation, military compensation and military careers.

7. If the tests are evidence of a genuine problem, Dr. Huang can guide you into confidential compassionate evidence based treatment. If you do indeed have a problem, professional treatment will enhance your health, relationships and quality of life.